The Protestant Deaconess Hospital1 Ella Phillips Crandall Superintendent.

[At top of letter.]  P.S. David just came up from talking to you.  Am glad telephones are in use in my time.

Dayton, Ohio, Sunday Night
Nov. 4, 1902.

My own dear Mamma,

I have just finished supper and am feeling fine and happy.  I tell you mamma it is simply a miracle.  I think the calm restful happy feeling I have had today.  True there have been one or two times when a desire to see my babies has for the moment sent the tears to the surface but it has been but for a moment.

There is no limit to God's power, but I must have limited it in my mind for I never could have believed it possible that I could have gone through all I have without scarcely a tremor.

I want to thank you and papa so much for the brave way you left me this morning you specially kissed me so naturally and went out that it never occurred to me till you had gone that I would not see you till after the operation.  You and papa could not have treated me in any way that was so helpful as to do just as you did.

Another thing I am so thankful again and again for the christian training and example I have always had at home.  To you at home next to God do I owe the calmness & strength I have had to look things in the face and not faint because you had taught me from infancy in whom I could trust.  And I have had the example before me always as a proof of the teaching you should always be thankful for your faithful teaching to we children for this is only one of the many times when I have been sustained by what I have been taught from infancy.

I had a nice supper raw oysters rice, pineapple, jelly, toast and coffee.  Everything so nicely prepared and daintily served.  I have had three different nurses around me today and they have all been so very kind.  I can truthfully say already it was so much better to come here.

If all goes well when you come out you may bring my syringe hanging in the bathroom and the other end also that goes on it which is standing on the second or third shelf. My room will not be ready tonight so they will set up another bed in here by mine for David.

I heard Dr. Nellis(sp?) voice in the hall this afternoon and David met him on the stairs. The hour for the operation has not been set yet but may not be till nearly noon so don't worry if you don't hear from us till after dinner. David will let you know just as soon as he can of course.

If Walter and Ethel2 have to go away before David comes home you can ask Will and Nina3 to stay at our house till David comes, and I am sure they will be glad to. Nina has kept house before for the children she can buy at Titlows4 and Welyles5 what they need.

I am so thankful I am going to have my own nurse. One of the nurses told me she was so glad because they were so rushed here and so scarce of help that altho they came as soon as they could after they were rung for they couldn't always come right away. Dr. Welliver6 has had Miss Sellers nurse for him and likes her she has had to give up one case at least for him because she was not strong enough but after I passed the worst time she might do for me. I should think. I would write and see if I were you. My paper is given out so good bye. Love to every member of 1810 household with so much for you & Papa. Anna.
Anna Maria Stevens Rowe.
Letter dated Nov. 4, 1902.
Mamma and Papa: James H. and Romelia H. Miller Stevens.
One of the last photographs of Anna.
"my babies" taken in 1897
David M. Rowe, taken about 1900
Footnotes under construction:

1. Today it is known as Miami Valley Hospital.
2. That would be Walter Eugene and Sophia Ethel Cook Stevens (Anna's brother and sister-in-law)
3. Probably Will and Nina Rowe Rike.  She would be David's sister, Anna's sister-in-law.
4. Wrote Montgomery County list to see if either of these stores happen to be in the old city directories.
5.  ditto above
6. J.E. Welliver, Anna's physician at time of death (see death record).

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