Samuel Campbell, Jr.  b. 1832 d. 1861.
Alonzo Campbell  b. 1839 d. 1857
Elijah Campbell no dates.
Nancy Campbell no dates.
open area between Nancy and Wife of...
Wife of Rufus Eachus.
Patriot Cemetery: Campbell and Eachus Family.
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©  Linda Trent, March 20, 2010
I had an interesting experience today that may have resulted in a mystery solved.  For many years I've been searching for the grave of Rufus Eachus, and all we knew was he was buried in Patriot Cemetery (Perry cemetery book & Patriot Pioneers), but there was "no stone found." 

A special thanks to my husband for going out with me today, we both noticed that all my family stones appear to be new, (well, new-er, than 1861, the latest death of all those above).  The stones may be possibly 1930s or more recent.  He happened to notice that there wasn't much room for a body to be laid out, so he paced off the rows.  Each row was 6 paces, except the Campbells. The row for the Campbells was significantly tighter.  He then paced off the Campbell plot from the last row and 6 paces would line up the graves with those of the 1840s and 50s.  The new stones were not placed at the head (or foot), but somewhere slightly over the grave.  Were they placed forward because the old stone was left?  Perhaps an old stone that was quickly deteriorating, or perhaps vandalism and they wanted a stone there to show the location of that person's grave when the old stone was entirely gone?  Is this why there is no date, because the dates were already gone, and today the original stones are entirely gone?

Another interesting note is that the stones went Samuel Campbell, Alonzo Campbell, Eligah Campbell, Nancy Campbell, space, and "wife of Rufus."  If you move the row back to where it would be six paces that blank spot is taken up by a broken stone.  A broken stone that would be right next to "wife of Rufus."  And for some reason that stone just happens to have a War of 1812 marker on it.  The stone is all but gone and has been ever since I was a little girl.  I remember writing on the old genealogical charts (back 30+ years ago) "no stone found."  According to Patriot Pioneers Rufus Eachus was a War of 1812 Veteran.  So were the current stones set inside the original row for a reason?  And if so, would that grave bearing a War of 1812 marker, that would be located right next to "wife of Rufus" be Rufus Eachus?  I'd say the coincidences are too strong.  I'd say that that broken, deteriorated, stump of a stone is indeed Rufus Eachus, unless someone else can give me a better solution.  I do believe that they're also laid out in the order of death. Wife, Rufus, Nancy, Elijah, Alonzo and finally Samuel.

For those who are not aware of the relationships:  Rufus and his wife were the parents of George W. Eachus, and Elijah and Nancy were the parents of Martha Bing Campbell.  George and Martha married in Gallia County on December 27, 1854.  I don't think there's a genealogical term for parents of two children who married, but there should be.

Update:  After sending this to a cousin, she wrote back saying, "my grandfather [Ben, a great grandson of Rufus] used to point that plot out to me every time  we went out there."  It's always nice to have my research confirmed by comments like this.
Elijah and Nancy died between 1850 and 1860 census
Rufus died between 1847 +/-2 1
Wife died 1837 +/-2 2
1. Based on 1850 census showing son with second wife was born about 1845 and that second wife married Thomas Kelley, on June 17, 1850

2. Based on fact that Rufus married Nancy Sullivan in Washington County, Ohio on September 12, 1839.  Thus Rufus' daughter Malissa born about 1835 would have been the daughter of the first wife.and not Nancy Sullivan as some have alluded to.  Therefore I'm figuring that wife of Rufus died between 1835 and 1839, or 1837 +/-2