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                                                                                                 Dayton, O. Feby. 25, 1903

Dear Mother,

We have just returned from Anna’s funeral and I thought you would like a letter from me about Anna & the funeral.

As I wrote Sunday eve. I found her much worse when I came from morning church and S.S., and the Dr. said she could not last until the middle of the week.  In the afternoon she seemed to sink so fast that we called Arthur  & Harriet & Eve & Ed  over and were all waiting here until towards evening When they went home

When the Dr. came he said “she is dying” now and we called the children back, and they were all here.

A little earlier I went into the room where she seemed not to be noticing anything.  She opened her eyes and saw me and threw me a kiss as nice as ever.

Later I went in and kissed her cheek and she roused.  She said “you may kiss my lips” which I was glad to do. 

I was in and out did not stay long at a time and finally She said David might bring the children and she bid them all good-bye.  Told them she was going to a beautiful home and put her arm around Dorothy twice.  About 7 minutes after 8 Romelia came down  the stairs a little ways and said She is going now.  She does not know us.  I ran to her room quick and she opened and shut her eyes some and finally opened them very wide and was gone.  I think she saw Jesus & the Angels coming for her.  I did not think of it at the time thought when she opened her eyes so wide she was going to speak to me.

We immediately called up Aunt Anna in Cleveland and she was here about 1 P.M. Monday.  Eve proved very valuable help and she & Harriet did for Anna what was needed fixing her hair Laying her out in her wedding dress &c &c

A Post Mortem showed that the liver was not affected or any other organs—except a great many tumors some very small in the Mesentery.  The autopsy seemed to show that nothing could have been done to save her.  She did not suffer nearly so much the last few days of her life. And her mind was so clear that hardly 15 minutes before her death She inquired about the Doctor who had come in to see her good girl who was down with the Grip and made some suggestions.  Forgetting herself even at that hour.  She was a darling darling daughter wife & Mother.

The funeral was at the Church downstairs the friends who went to Woodland being in the young peoples room about 50 of them and The main prayer meeting room well filled.  The bearers as Anna had requested were Arthur and Walter & Eugene Rowe Brothers Ed Stockslager, Will Rike & Will Rogers Brother-in-Laws.  The bearers put the Casket in the Large room and sat with the special friends (I will not call them  mourners) in the small room.  Frank & Florence Kiefaber & Erminie Crawford  and Mr. Timmer were the Quartet and their singing was sweet and spiritual.  Jesus Savior Pilot Me  Thy Will be done &

Jesus Lover of my Soul were the selections.  Bro. Davis talk was largely made up of Passages Anna had quoted in her illness  I had marked them in her Bible and his remarks ought to be very helpful.

We laid her away in the Southwest Corner of Father’s lot to be removed later if desirable.  And the floral offerings which were unusually fine filled up the Grave Which was lined with Ferns and a marble slab with Anna Stevens Rowe on it covers the coffin.

Her work was done and “well done.” And in her suffering we were all disciplined and made better and brought nearer to God. Especially her Husband and Father.  While I mourn for a favorite child a congenial friend, a firm Christian.  I do so with rejoicing for her happiness feeling that she is not laid away in the hope of a resurrection, but rather in the Assurance of a Blessed resurrection. 

And my  own hope has been greatly brightened in the affliction and Jesus is more and more to me and I
want him to be “All in All.”  It is Covenant meeting tonight and I expect to go.  I don’t know if any of the others will or not.

Nina Rowe Rike offered to break up her home and go and make a home for David.  There is a large heart sure  I am proud of such a relative.  She did take charge at David’s home while Anna was at the Hospital as perhaps you know

[p 2 now pencil lined paper] I wish I had ruled paper.  I expect it would be easier to read  So I will rule it.  As the Burial was private we only had 10 d a dozen coaches filled with Relatives and Mrs. J.D. Platt came alone in her own carriage and persuaded Uncle Ben  to go with her.  A beautiful incident.  Owen Snyder  did not go to the cemetery but most of the relatives did.  The services at the Grave were very short but Arthur & Harriet & Eve & Ed remained and filled up the grave with the flowers which were very beautiful and practically covered the Earth that had been thrown out, before the Casket was lowered.

The friends have been so kind and so many of them that it is pleasant to think of.  And we had a beautiful Sun Shiny mild day rather sloppy under foot but otherwise all we could wish.  And I changed the old couplet which ran

Blessed be the Bride the Sun shines on
Blessed be the Dead the Rain falls on to
Blessed be the Dead theat the Lord Smiles on.

Praise God for a Saviour that can make a dying bed “Safe as downy  pillows" are  And that comfort the [Suffering] David expects to get a house keeper and keep up his home and we will help him all we can. 

Mr & Mrs. Keefaber had charge at the Church and Arthur managed all the arrangements except the Grave which I attended to personally.  You will I know excuse a disjointed letter I have been so broke up all along that I cannot do anything properly.  We reached Walter by Phone & he got here last night but Ethel did not come.  She stays at a neighbors and looks after the Stock.  I think Walter will go back tomorrow at 5 AM getting home at 8:18 AM.  He has lots to do.

John Barney has to give up his place April 1st and I am hoping to get him to help Walter a little while. 

I sent you all a message Sunday  Eve and found that it was delivered Monday 9:26 AM but we got no word whatever so concluded Will decided not to come home.  We would have been oh so glad to have him Come but would not spoil his all too short visit by suggesting it in my telegram.  I had it written in the original telegram and crossed it out.

I had quite a letter from Miss Crawford Asking information about her.  Bath room &c for her new house.  Which I have already partly answered.  Anna died before I got the letter completed and I added that.

The Mission is doing well.  Two are to be baptised this evening and possibly three.  And the Home Church also like Bro. McElwain very much.  And he and Bro. David get along splendidly together.

My Dear Mother Walter has just come in and is to stay such a little while that I will finish this long letter with expressions of love to a very faithful mother.  And one wholse influence for good I find is more far reaching everyday.  If dear Mother you go to Heaven  before I see you again give my dearest love to Anna and tell her I expect to join her before long.  Also my love to my dear faithful SS Scholar Hattie Gilbert Kirby

Heaven seems much nearer and Jesus much dearer since our Darling Anna has gone up higher.

With Love & Kisses,

Son James.

Letter:  James H. Stevens to his mother Harriet Barney Stevens.
Describes Anna's final hours, and life without her.

Sorrow will strike James again as his mother will die on March 5, 1903, just 11 days after his daughter Anna passed away.