Mary ?
Sarah Trego
Phineas Eachus
b. ca. 1735
Goshen, Chester County, PA
m. November 23, 1757
Goshen, Chester County, PA

b. June 26, 1737
Chester County, PA
d. 1799
John Eachus
Hannah Haines
Robert Eachus
Isaac Haines
Katherine David
THOMAS, MARY.  Relict of William  Charlestown.
October 14, 1794.  December 16, 1794.
To Mary daughter of Nathan McVeigh, sister-in-law Elizabeth Thomas, Rebecca, daughter of James Davis, my brother-in-law, Mary wife of my brother Benjamin Eachus, Barsheba wife of brother Virgil Eachus, Mary wife of brother Abner Eachus, Mary wife of brother Paris Eachus, son William Thomas, Jane daughter of George Grimes in Virginia, to each, articles named, mostly wearing apparel. To mother Sarah Thomas all remainder of wearing apparel. Remainder of estate for use of son William Thomas at 21, with rev. to 4 brothers above-named. Friend Nathaniel Grubb to be guardian for son. Executor: Roger Little.Wit: Jonathan Wells, David John.

From THE HISTORY OF CHESTER COUNTY, by Futhey and Cope (1881);  pg. 526

EACHUS, Robert, was a resident in Goshen as early as 1715.  He became the owner of 400 acres of land in or near what is now the northeast quarter of West Chester, which by his will passed to his sons John and William.  He died in 1727, leaving a widow, Elizabeth, daughter of Hugh and Elizabeth (Brinton) Harry, who married again, 1,13,1728/9, at Goshen meeting, John Gleave, of Springfield and died in Marlborough, 3,8,1758; buried at Kennet.

  The children of Robert and Elizabeth were,--1.  John, m. 9,22,1734, to Hannah, daughter of Isaac Haines, of Goshen.  He died Jan. 19, 1779.  2. William, m. 3,25,1749 to Sarah Peirce of Goshen, widow.  Probably left no children.  3.  Robert, m. Mary ___, and had children,--Mary, William, and Robert.  4.  Enoch, m. Esther Evans, and had children,--Sarah, William, Elizabeth, and others.  William, m. Rebecca Townsend, and was the father of Townsend Eachus, senior.  5.  Daniel visited North Carolina in 1762, returning the next year.  6.  Elizabeth, perhaps died unmarried.  7.  Ann, m. 2,22,1736, to James Wickersham, of Marlborough.  8.  Alice, m. 9,20,1746, to David Ogden, of Springfield.

John and Hannah Eachus were the parents of Phinehas Eachus, the first landlord of the Turk's Head Tavern.  Phinehas was married, 11,23,1757, at Goshen Meeting, to Sarah Trego, daughter of William and Margaret Trego, of Goshen. The family tradition is that a Masonic lodge held meetings at his house, and that he became responsible for the debts of some of them, which brought about his financial ruin.  The sheriff seized his property, and the most of the land passed into the possession of Isaiah Matlack, the tavern being purchased by John Hoopes.  He must have had a taste for the classics, as he named two of his sons Virgil and Paris.

Virgil Eachus married Bathsheba Webb, and resided for several years in Middletown, Delaware Co.  In 1808 he married his second wife, Mary Starr, and after a few years removed to Maryland, but returned about 1825.  His children by the first wife were Homer (born 7,15,1792), Joseph, Obed, Hiram, Edna, Betsy, Mahala, Abner, Preston; by the second, Vanleer, Bathsheba, Minshall, Sarah, and Virgil Trego Eachus.
a resident in Goshen as early as 1715
d. 1727
b. abt 1716
m. Sept. 22, 1734
d. January 19, 1779
b. abt. 1698
of Goshen
d. bet. July 6, 1766 and Aug. 16, 1768
b. abt. 1718
Wills: Abstracts, Book D : 1714 - 1725/6: Philadelphia Co, PA

DAVID, ELLIS.  Goshen Township, Chester County. 
August 1, 1719.  April 12, 1721.  D. 186.
Daughter Katherine [Haines], step-daughter Margaret.  Wife not named.
Executors:  Son David, daughter Donse [David] and son-in-law Isaac
Haines. Overseers:  Son-in-law Hugh Evans, cousin David Jones, and
friends William Lewis and Robert Jones.
Witnesses:  David George and George George.

Ellis David
b. abt. 1680
possibly Wales?
listed as a widower by 1703
d. bet. Aug. 1, 1719 and April 12, 1721
Elizabeth ?
THOMAS, MARGARET.  Garlhbulch, Parish of Lansanfrayd, Co. of Montgomery, Dioces of St. Asaph.  Widow.
Legatees: Nephew Thomas Morris of Langhange; Elizabeth Howe wife of
Morris David; cousin Catherine Morris; cousin Margaret Griffith; cousin
Elizabeth Griffith; Mary Morris; Elizabeth wife of Ellis David;
Morgan Howell; Marie Howell; Tacy wife of Jacob Endon of Cloddrecochion; and Elizabeth daughter of John Li---. 
Exec: Thomas Morris. 
NOTE: The above will was recorded from a copy sent with a requisition under
the seal of the Prerogative Court of the Principality of Wales, engrossed
in Latin and signed.  In the original will, the name John Li is thus written, as above.
Wills: Abstracts, Book K: 1752 - 1757: Philadelphia Co, PA
b. abt. 1700
William Trego
Margaret Moore
August 1, 1768.  September 16, 1768.
Provides for wife Margaret.  To each of my grandchildren now living 1
shilling each.  To Wm. McPherson and Phineas Eachus 1 shilling each. 
To sons Joseph and William 5 shillings each.  Remainder of personal
estate to my daughters, Elizabeth and Mary Malin, Sarah Eachus and Ann Hunt.  The share of Sarah to be at the disposal of my Executors and not subject to any demand of her husband.  To son Benjamin after decease of wife plantation whereon I now dwell in Goshen containing 100 acres paying £70 to 3 daughters, Elizabeth, Mary and Ann. Executors:  Son Joseph Trego of Nantmeal and Geo. Ashbridge, Jr. Wit:  Wm. Bane, Thomas Scholfield, Aaron Hoopes.
July 6, 1766.  August 16, 1768.
Provides for wife Catherine.  To son Isaac 20 shillings having given
him a plantation in Goshen.  To son Ellis plantation containing 146 1/4
acres, also 20 shillings.  To son Josiah remainder of plantation where
I now live containing 133 acres.  To daughter Sarah Haines case of
drawers.  To grandsons Isaac Yarnall and Hugh Derbrow 10 shillings at
21.  All remainder of personal estate to wife and 3 daughters Hannah
Eachus, Mary Martin and Lydia Williams. Executors:  Son Isaac and
friend Geo. Ashbridge, Jr. Wit:  Thomas Hoopes, Jr., Thomas Scholfield,
Isaac Haines the 3rd.
The question marks next to first names of wives means that the name came from a will, and I do not know whether she is the mother of his children, or if she's a second or third wife.
d. between August 1, 1768-Sept. 16, 1768
AUG 5, 1693
m. June 26, 1717
d. 1770
b. abt. 1759
b. abt. 1793
b. February 22, 1822
Franklin County, PA
due to his birthday falling on Washington's birthday, I'm betting he's George Washington Eachus.

Peter Trego
John Moore
A Historical Account of the Trego Family, 1884
"William Trego, the son of Peter the elder, according to the Honeybrook family records, was  born August 5th, 1693, married Margaret Moore, June 26th, 1717, and died 1770. The land in Honeybrook township, afterwards and yet owned  by the Tregos, was first entered by John Moore, the father-in-law of William Trego, in March 1718, and in 1733, was conveyed to William Trego.  This tract is described in the deed as 'joining on the west by lands of James Trego.'  Now it has been already shown that in November of the same year, the old homestead of their father Peter, in Middletown, was conveyed by William Trego, then of Goshen, to James Trego of Concord.  It would seem from this that neither William nor James resided at that time on their lands in Honeybrook.

Jared P. Irwin in his letter to Chas. B. Trego, written April 10th, 1848, says that William and Margaret Trego had ten children, four sons and six daughters... one of the sons died quite young...
William, Benjamin and Joseph, Hannah Hickman, Margaret McPherson, Elizabeth Malin, Mary Malin...Ann Hunt, and Sarah Eachus."  p. 14-15 (above link to Heritage Quest, paid site).
Chester Co constables for 1705  Peter Trego  Middletown  Proof Tregos were in Chester County at least as early as 1705.

From THE HISTORY OF CHESTER COUNTY, by Futhey and Cope (1881);  Pg. 748

TREGO, Peter, and Judith, his wife, were living in Middletown township early in the last century, he having purchased land there in 1708.  Their children were Jacob, b. 8,7,1687, d. 4,10,1720; James, b. 4th mo., 1690; William, b. 6,3,1693; John, b. 12,15,1696; Ann, b. 8,28,1702, m. 6,11,1725 to James Rushton; Peter.  Jacob married, in 1709, Mary Cartlidge, of Darby, and had three children,-- Hannah, John, and Rachel.  The widow married, in 1722, John Laycock, of bucks County.  James Trego, then of Edgmont, married about 1716, and after keeping tavern some time in Chester, settled in Whiteland, where he died in 1745, leaving children,--James, Mary (Walker), Sarah (Simcock), John, Jacob, William, and Elizabeth.

William Trego, son of Peter, married, about 1717, Margaret Moore, and in 1735 settled in Goshen, where he kept tavern for some years.  His children were  Hannah, William, Margaret, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Joseph, Mary, Sarah, (m. to Phinehas Eachus), Ann (m. to Joseph Hunt).

Robert's will
Robert Eachus' will: Robert Eachus   WILL:  "Book Page: A:287  Surname: Eachus  Given Name: Robert  Title: Yeoman  Description: Decedent
Residence: Goshen  Date: 26 Nov 1727  Prove Date: 26 Nov 1728  Remarks: Robert Eachus of Goshen, yeoman. December 3, 1727. November 26, 1728. A. 287.
To wife Elizabeth 1/2 of plantation whereon I live containing 200 during life. To son John the other 1/2 of said plantation and the whole of same at death of wife. To son William 200 acres north of the above and to have liberty to work upon the same when 19. To youngest sons, Robert, Enoch and Daniel ... to be put apprentices at 14. To my 3 daughters, viz Elizabeth, Ann and Alice ....  Executors: wife Elizabeth and son John.  Witnesses: Isaac Vernon, John Collins, Richard Jones."

George W. Eachus died July 9, 1896 in Patriot, Gallia County, Ohio.  He was aged 74 years, 4 months, and 17 days, which means he was born February 22, 1822, in Pennsylvania.  His military discharge record in 1865 states he was 43 years old and born in Franklin County, Pennsylvania.  His father Rufus H, was indeed living in Franklin County, PA in the 1820 census.

Wife of Rufus Eachus -- research notes. At this time I'm still trying to find out where the family got the name Mary Crinkleton/Crunkleton.  Here's what we do know:  Mary and Rufus supposedly married in Franklin County in 1815, and their son George W. was definately born in 1822, and had two older siblings.  According to the slash marks on the 1820 and 1830 census Rufus' wife would have been born around 1800 (give or take).  Their daughter Mariah (first child) was born abt. 1818, so I'd say Mary wasn't born much later than 1801 (though if the marriage date is correct, I'd say she was probably born no later than 1799 (she would have been 16 when married).

At some point between the 1820 and 1830 census Rufus moved his family to Bedford County, and from there they went to Gallia County.  They didn't stay long in Bedford County either, as Mary died sometime between the 1830 and 1840 census in Gallia County.  She's buried in the Patriot Cemetery, in Gallia County, Ohio.  Though her stone merely says, "Eachus, wife of Rufus."  Rufus remarried and his first child with his second wife was born about 1835 in Gallia County.  I'm amazed that I have not found a marriage record for them, unless they married outside of Gallia County.

So I would say that Rufus' wife was born between 1794 and 1800 (supposedly in Franklin County) and died between 1830 and 1835 (in Gallia).  Back then men only were in mourning for 6 weeks, unlike the women who were in for a year, so it would be socially possible that his first wife died in 1835 and he remarried that same year.

What I found in Antrim, Franklin County, Pennsylvania in Crunkletons for 1820 are an Anne, James, Joseph, and Mary all as heads of household.  Unfortunately, the census taker put them in alphabetical order rather than who lived near whom.  The fact that the census shows the Eachus and Crunkleton families where my family tradition says they were (Franklin County), and the fact that they both show up in Antrim Township makes it appear as though there *may* be some truth to this.  Unfortunately, after having some correspondence with a Franklin County, Pennsylvania Crunkleton descendant, researcher, and author, and his corresponding with fellow Crunkleton researchers, we've been unable to connect our families.  This doesn't mean that the information we have is wrong, just that at this time and place it cannot be substantiated.

Red means documentation provided below.  Black means presumed but no proof yet. Blue hyperlinked to website where documentation is provided.
Geo. W. Eachus