Rufus Eachus.
Linda Trent, © March 2010
Ask almost any Eachus researcher who the wife of Rufus was and almost without a doubt they'll answer Mary Crinkleton.  But when asked where that information comes from, very few people know.  I contacted Brian Eachus who runs one of the biggest and best Eachus websites that documents the Eachus family from England and the United States.  On a trip to America he stopped in Chester County and found what is believed to be the only known written source about  Mary Crunkleton.  From what I can gather from the card it appears to have been Cor[respondence with] Miss Martha Lou Houston, who appears to have been a genealogist, if she's the same Martha Lou Houston who published books like Indexes to County Wills of South Carolina (compiled by her), Reprint of the Official Register of Land Lottery of Georgia, 1827, and 600 Revolutionary Soldiers Living in Georgia, etc..  With a last name like Houston, and the fact that she had information about the Eachus family,  I'm assuming that she's one of the Houstons, (i.e. Rufus Houston Eaches, Virgil Houston Eaches...) who married into the Eachus family. It is pure speculation, but it is believed that Rufus' mother mary may have been a Houston and thus the family name was handed down for a few generations.

However, the problem is that right off I see errors.  For example family stories have always circulated that
Index card from Chester County that states Rufus married Mary.
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they were married in 1815, Mariah was born in 1818, and Joseph was born in 1820.  However, the card states that Rufus and Mary Crunkleton were married "c 1834." If this is true, then that would make her  the second wife of Rufus, and not the mother of his earlier children.  The card also states that Mary was from Franklin County, Pennsylvania.  I've corresponded in length with Gordon Crooks who is a Crunkleton researcher, and wrote a book about the Crunkletons of Franklin County and their ancestors.  Neither he, nor any of his fellow Crunkleton researchers could find a Mary who was unaccounted for, who could have married Rufus.  I'm not saying that Rufus didn't marry a Mary Crunkleton, but I also don't believe that we have any form of evidence yet.  I am not comfortable at this time in calling the Wife of Rufus Eachus "Mary Crunkleton."

She gives the sons as "George, David Virgil prob.others all went to Ohio."  This is the first time I've ever seen a David, and she's missing Rufus' eldest son Joseph.  My feeling is that she has David instead of Joseph, which makes me wonder about her information since Joseph was born prior to the family moving to Ohio.

UPDATE: Mariah Eachus Smith's obituary reads as follows: "[Maria] was born in Franklin county, Pa, and has many relatives in that county, the Eachus, Crunkletons, Hollars and others."  A special thank you to Cousin Cheryl for finding that tucked away in a Steele family Bible! 3  It still doesn't give a relationship, but at least it's a connection.

While early census records, are not an exact science oftentimes they're all we have, so  we try to do our best to match them with the knowledge that we have.  They can have flaws depending upon who's giving the information and how much they know.  For example, a family not home may have their information given to the census taker by a neighbor, or someone who's not entirely certain and gets a fact or two wrong.  So take it for what it's worth, here are the census records and occasionally other documentation when available.  Rufus' children are mostly all well documented in court documents from Gallia County. 

1820 census

1830 census Rufus' family consisted of
1 male aged 30-40  1790-1800--Rufus)
1 female aged 20-30 (wife of Rufus)
1 male 20-30 (1800-1810 -- family or boarder?)
1 female aged 20-30 (1800-1810 -- family or boarder?)
1 males aged 5-10 (Joseph)
1 males aged 5-10 (George)
1 male aged 0-5 (Virgil). 
1 male aged 0-5 (unknown)
1 female age 10-15 (Mariah)
1 female age 0-5 (Sadie or Elmyra?) 
The 1830 census does show three unknowns -- the 20-30 year old male, the 2nd 20-30 year old female, and the male child aged 0-5.  Almost sounds like potential family members or boarders.  The only thing would be if this male child is David,  and he died young, never-the-less, who would be the male and female 20-30 year old that's unaccounted for?

Most Eachus researchers (myself included) believe that Rufus went to Gallia County prior to the taking of the 1840 census since his first wife is buried there., and he married his second wife in 1839.  Just how early he went there is unknown, as he did not register any deeds until 1842. (Gallia County Deeds Vol. 17 pg. 526)

Rufus' first wife died 1837 +/-2 Based on fact that his daughter Melissa was born in 1834 and Rufus married Nancy Sullivan in Washington County, Ohio on September 12, 1839.  Therefore I'm figuring that wife of Rufus died between 1834 and 1839, or 1837 +/-3.  It is quite possible that she died in childbirth, or shortly thereafter.  But I have nothing to base that on other than it was something that happened quite frequently.

1839  Washington County Marriage Records (Google Books).  "Eachus, Rufus H. (Mu.C.); Sullivan, Nancy (Bev); 12 September 1839; (209); 438."  It has been suggested that Mc.C. stands for Muskingum County, Ohio and the Bev stands for Beverly, a town in Washington County, Ohio.

There is a possibility that  following the death of his first wife, Rufus went to live with a child in Muskingum County, but who? A little research and I found his daughter Mariah and her husband John P. Smith, had lived there briefly.  There is an 1899 biography of  John W. Smith, that states that "He [John]  was born in October, 1841, in Muskingum County, Ohio, a son of John P. Smith."  It goes on to say, "John W. Smith remembers nothing of his life in Ohio, as he was but a small boy when his parents returned to Bedford County..." It gives a brief biography of his father John P. Smith that includes the fact that "He married Maria Eachus, a native of Franklin County, Pennsylvania, and they reared the following children" all listed under Mariah below.  It also states that John P (husband of Mariah) was "born and reared in Hopewell Township" [Bedford County, PA]... and "lived a few years in Muskingum County, Ohio, and afterward returned to Bedford County...he died during the Civil War"  So there we have it Mariah and her family were living in Muskingum County in 1841!

1840 census

Rufus died in 1847 +/-2   (Based on 1850 census showing son with second wife was born about 1845 and that second wife married Thomas Kelley, on June 17, 1850).   Rufus' grave.  I have actually seen a date given for his death as June 28, 1846, which would fit my timeline. In fact, I was recently in the Gallia County Clerk of Courts office and found "Proceedings, in Chancery before the Court of Common Pleas... [Oct. 14, 1847] Be it remembered that heretofore, to wit: at a Court of Common Pleas held at the Court house in the Town of Gallipolis within and for the said county of Gallia, on the nineteenth day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty six Rufus H. Eaches Administration filed in our Court of Common Pleas the following Bill in Chancery..."  This now means that Rufus died 1845 +/- 1 The date of June 28, 1846 still holds as a distinct possibility, but unfortunately, I don't know where that came from.  My feeling is that it is accurate, and that his death came too late in June to make the July court, so he showed up in the October session.

In the 1847 chancery record mentioned above, Rufus' children appear three times, no two were exactly alike, though all the usual are there.

Gallia County Chancery Records Civil Record A "Rufus H. Eaches, Administrator de bonis non vs John P. Smith, Mariah Smith, Virgil Eaches, Thomas Eaches, Joseph Eaches, George W. Eaches, and Melissa Eaches.Proceedings before the Probate Court, within and for the County of Gallia and State of Ohio on the ninth day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty six, in a certain cause wherein Lewis P. Maguet Administrator de bonis non of the Estate of Rufus H. Eaches, deceased, was Petitioner, and John P. Smith, Mariah Smith, Virgil Eaches, Henry Eaches, Thomas Eaches, Joseph Eaches, George W. Eaches, and Melissa Eaches were defendants." 

The case is brought about as Mr. Maguet had not received any "personal property, moneys or credits... and said estate is indebted to various persons, amounting in the aggregate to upwards of eight hundred dollars..." The petition is to sell off Rufus' land.  Nancy Eaches is named as the widow.  It further states that "John P. Smith, Mariah Smith, and Melissa Eaches, three of the above named defendants who are non residents of the state of Ohio..."

The "appraiser's report" valued at $128 and the "property sale"  July 7, 1856 for $85.34.  All of this is part of the same civil record mentioned above.  Copies of original documents in my possession.

The unusual thing about the above is it lists all the children including in-laws, and states that Mariah and Melissa were non residents of Ohio, but never mentions Sarah or Sadie.

I have never seen the name Sadie anywhere, and Brian Eachus informs me that he got the names of Rufus' children from a gentleman now deceased.  However, I do find it interesting that Sadie is a diminutive form of Sarah.  I can find Sarah in the census, but not Sadie so are Sarah and Sadie the same person?  That would be my conclusion unless someone can produce more documentation on Sadie as being the daughter of Rufus.

One thing I did think was quite interesting is from their military enlistment papers Joseph and George were quite tall.  Joseph standing an impressive 6'3" high and living to at least 70 years of age, and George at 6' one half inch high and lived to be 74.  These were healthy people.

1. Mariah M[argaret] Eachus was born March 2, 1817, in Franklin County, PA (obituary),  according to the Bedford Gazette of July 26, 1833, John P. Smith married Maria Eachus, both of Procidence Township on the 1st of July, 1833.  She died September 10, 1896 at the age of 79 years, 6 months and 8 days.

1840 census Mount Sterling, Muskingum County, Ohio p. 1.  If I am correct this John Smith is Mariah's husband.  According to one online genealogy that gave me a feeling of confidence, John and Maria were living in Muskingum County at this time, and according to the census they had one son age 0-5, and 2 daughters age 5-10.  That's very close to the site saying Mary was 6 and Amanda was about 4 and John was a year old.  It also cancels my theory that Malissa was living with her sister, as she is in the 1850 census.

1850  census Mariah's household consisted of her husband John Smith age 40 a farmer born in Pennsylvania.  Maria age 33, also born in Pennsylvania, and their children Mary age 16 born in Ohio, Amanda age 14 birthplace listed as Ohio, Eliza age 8 John age 11, Rufus age 6, Ann age 3 all born in Ohio, and her sister Maliza Eaches age 26 born in Ohio.

1860  census shows John P Smith age 49, Maria age 46, Eliza age 18,  Rufus 16, Ann 14, William 12, and a James Smith, who appears to be 9/12ths

of a year.  John P and Maria are listed as Pennsylvania born, Eliza, Rufus and Ann are all Ohio born, and William and James are Pennsylvania born.

1870 census shows that Maria is now a widow, John W., who was away from home in the 1860 census, is back home again.  I can't quite make out his age, it should be 31 but it looks like 34? Rufus E is listed as 25.  Both John and Rufus are listed as "dry goods merchants (retail), Ann is also still at home age 22, William P. is 19 and James (can't make out middle initial) is 13, all listed as having been born in Pennsylvania.

1880 widowed age 63, children Annie 27, James 22 and grandson Harry age 4 everyone born in Pennsylvania.

Listed are the following children for Maria and John P. Smith:

1.  Mary, wife of Thomas J. Kay, of Kansas
2.  Amanda, wife of John W. Steele, of Hopewell township, Pa
3.  John W.
4.  Eliza, deceased.
5.  Rufus E. there is a biographical review of him on page 270-271
6.  Ann
7.  William P., also of Hopewell township
8.  Emma
9. James V., of Everett, PA

2. Joseph C. Eachus born about 1820, married Caroline Beaver on December 9, 1849, in Gallia County.

Have not found in 1850 census. 

1860 census Joseph age 40, Catharine age 39, Elizabeth 8, Margaret 6, Virginia 5, David 3, John 6/12 of a year.

1870 can't find them anywhere, not even by searching daughter Virginia

1880 census Joseph age 60, Catharine age 58, Elizabeth age 26, Margaret age 24, David age 20, Virginia age 20, John age 19, Finis (looks more like Sims, but...) age 18, Virgil age 18, Elizabeth age 16.  David and Virginia were not twins as David shows up on the 1860 census and Virginia does not.  I do not know about Finis and Virgil.

1890 I could not find Joseph on the 1890 Veterans census even knowing that he was a Union veteran, so did he die prior to this census, or is he just missing again?

Listed are the following children for Joseph and Caroline Eachus:

Elizabeth Eachus age 8 in 1860
Margret age 6 m. a Massie
Virginia age 5
David age 3
John age 6/12ths of a year
Finis (could be Phineas?)

3. George W. Eachus, born February 22, 1822.  His first marriage was to Polly America Amos on August 31, 1845 in Gallia County.   Polly died and George married Martha Bing Campbell on December 27, 1854, also in Gallia County.  Date of death for Polly is unknown

1850 Perry Twp., Gallia County, Ohio.  George W. Eaches. age 28 blacksmith b. PA about 1822, America Eaches age 27 born in Virginia, Martha Eaches age 4 born in Ohio, Cordelia M. Eaches age 2 born in Ohio.

1854 George married Martha Bing Campbell on December 27, 1854, in Gallia County, Ohio.

1860 Perry Twp., Gallia County, Ohio. George Eaches age 38 blacksmith born PA abt. 1822, Martha age 28 born in Ohio, Jane age 14 born in Ohio, Cordelia age 11 born in Ohio.

The American Civil War April 1861-April 1865.  George joined up in short term regiments, but he did it three times. The Squirrel Hunters from Sept. 1862-June 5, 1863; Co. F. 141st OVI May 11, 1864-Sept. 3, 1864 and finally Co. C 194th OVI Feb. 14, 1865-October 24, 1865.  Whether he was actually active all the way till October is questionable, though troops were still needed to help keep the peace. 

1870  George W. age 48 deals in dry goods, born in Pennsylvania, Martha age 38 born in Ohio, Mary age 10 at school born in Ohio, Thomas age 5 at home born in Ohio.  Where's Ida who was born March 1869, according to the 1900 census which gives month and year of birth. So she should have been a two year old.  Though in ten years she shows up as a 17 year old.

1880  George W age 56 blacksmith born in Pennsylvania, Martha 45 keeping house born in Ohio, Thomas age 18 apprent. blacksmith born in Ohio, Ida age 17, Frank age 7 born in Ohio.  Daughter Mary (A.K.A. Mollie) was a servant living with the Kincaid family immediately above George on the census.

1890 The 1890 census is a Veterans' Census, only.  Thus we only have George showing up due to his wartime service in the Union Army. 

According to the 1890 census he joined up with Company F of the 141st ONG Infantry on June 4, 1864 and served until September 3, 1864, it was a 4 month regiment, though from my calculations July to September is only 3 months, but who's counting?  He also enlisted with Company C of the 194th OVI on the 14th of February 1865 and was discharged on October 24, 1865. It was a one year regiment, but the war ended in April of 65 (though troops were still needed to keep the peace for a few months).  When he was discharged he was a First Sergeant.  It is from the 194th OVI that he received his honorable discharge, of which I have a copy.

1900 George is deceased and it's just Martha and Ida living together in Perry Twp.

George and Polly's children were:

1.  Martha Jane Eachus b. abt. 1846, she married Thomas H. Neal, May 1, 1866
2.  Cordelia M. Eachus b. abt. 1848/49, she married Henry Beck on November 16, 1873

George and Martha's children were:

1.  Mary Emily Eachus was born on May 14, 1860 in Patriot, Gallia County, Ohio, and married William George Tope on April 19, 1887.  Mollie
passed away February 14, 1942 at the home of her daughter near Centenary, Green Twp., Gallia County, Ohio.
2.  Thomas Sawyer Eachus was born September 14, 1867 in Patriot.  He married Ina Romaine Wallace on February 17, 1900 and died  January
14, 1941 in Gallipolis. Tom Sawyer was named after his pioneer grandfather and not after the fictional character.
3.  Ida Eachus was born in March 1869.  She never married and died September 15, 1930 after being struck by a car.  Her death occurred at
Holzer Hospital in Gallipolis.
4.  Frank Foster Eachus was born November 30, 1872.  He married Rosa Allison on April 5, 1893.  He died October 28, 1953 in Gallia County.

4. Virgel Eachus m. Ellen Tipton on January 25, 1852 in Gallia County. (b. abt. 1827 d. abt. Nov. 27, 1878) 

1850 I've not yet found him in the 1850 census.

1860 they were living in Harrison Township, Gallia County, Ohio.  The family consisted of Virgil (who could not read or write), Ellen,
John, Rufus, James, and a 17 year old female, whose name I cannot figure out).

1870 census he was living in Commerce, Scott County, Missouri with the following: Virgil (who is not marked as being unable to read or write) Ellen, and children Rufus, James, Simon, and Amanda.  John is listed with the family immediately above “Milton Fowler.” 

Some online genealogies suggest that Ellen died December 10, 1876, and Virgil died November 27, 1878, both in Missouri.  I would tend to agree with this, as neither Virgil nor Ellen are found in any later census records. Though I am researching this out.

Virgil and Ellen's children were:

1.  John Wesley Eachus
2.  Rufus Houston Eachus
3.  James Allen Eachus
4.  Simon Atwell Eachus
5.  William Newton Eachus
6.  Jane Amanda Eachus
7.  Elizabeth Catherine Eachus
8.  Lucinda Eachus

5. Sadie Eachus? I cannot verify this child, though most Eachus researchers have her listed as a child of Rufus and his wife. According to a modern baby names book, Sadie is a diminutive of the name Sarah, so in this case are Sadie and Sarah the same child, or two different ones?  More research is necessary.  Sarah did have a daughter Sadie, but I'm wondering if Sadie's real name was Sarah and her family called her Sadie to differentiate between the mother and daughter. 

I contacted Brian Eachus who said that he got her name from a fellow who has since passed on, so there is no way to find out why we believe Sadie was a child of Rufus.  I have included her in order to make notes.

6. Sarah A. Eachus was born  1833 +/-1  according to the 1860 - 1880 census.   Sarah married William Kreps, and lived in Greencastle, Franklin County, Pennsylvania. 

1860 Sarah and William were living in Greencastle, Franklin County, PA.  She’s listed as 26 and he as 32.  They had four children: Wm age 7, Phenis 5, Harriet 2, and Anna 3/12 of a year.

1870 census they live in Greencastle, Franklin County, Pennsylvania, she’s listed as 37 and born in Pennsylvania, he’s 42. Their children are listed as: Phinis E[achus?] age 14, Hallie S. age 12, Annie S. age 10, Sadie C age 8, and Henry P age 4, and a few boarders. Living with them is William Eaches born about 1849 (not sure who he would be).

1880 William appears to be deceased, and Sarah is the head of house, she’s 48 years old.  Living with her are her children: William 27
(law student), Phineas E[achus?] 25 Express Agent, Annie 20, Sadie 17, Harry 14, and Jacob E Whitmer age 30 son-in-law, and Hallie Whitmer age 22. 

I did not find Sarah on any later census records, though the 1890 was destroyed.  She could have lived to the 1900, but I can’t find her there. 

William and Sarah Kreps’ children were:

1.  William Kreps  1853   (1860-1880 censuses all agree on age) 
2.  Phineas Kreps   1855  or 1856 
3.  Harriet  S.  Kreps 1858 (1860-1880 all agree on age) 
4.  Anna  S.  Kreps 1860  (1860-1880 all agree on age) 
5.  Sadie C.  Kreps 1862 or 1863  (1870 – 1880 census)
6.  Henry P. Kreps 1866  (1860-1880 all agree on age) 

7. Melissa Cordellia Eachus. "Born 09-Feb-1834  Age at death 77y 6m 21d."   According to Rufus' census records she was born in either Pennsylvania or Ohio, and died August 30, 1911 in Stark Township, Vernon County, Wisconsin.  She is buried in the Jug Creek Cemetery there, along side her husband Andrew S. Dempsey.  (source of information  "Vernon County, Wisconsin Tombstone Inscriptions" page 374  published through the Vernon County Historical Society by Jerry Parr and Mickie Parr, copyright 2003, 2nd Ed 10-Aug-2005)

1850 census gives a bizarre name for her, Elmyra or Elmysa, aged 16.  She's living in Decatur Twp., Lawrence County, Ohio, with Thomas and Nancy Kelly, and brothers Henry and Thomas Eachus.  Here she's listed as 16, Henry is 7 and Thomas is 5.   Just when one thinks they have everything figured out, doesn't it figure one's ancestors would throw a curve ball?  I just found Melissa (again?) in the 1850 census, only this time living with her sister Mariah.  Perhaps this is why the court records stated that she was a non-resident.  For a possible special relationship between Melissa and her sister Mariah see my article entitled Wife of Rufus

1850 census Maliza Eachus (this does not appear to be the British long s) Was Melissa's name pronounced as Ma liza?

So who is Elmyra Eachus and why is she living with Melissa's family, and the same age as Melissa?  Good question.  One possibility is that Nancy was asked who her children are and she just listed everyone and didn't think about the fact that Melissa was living out of state.  But why Elmyra? 

1860 census (very light and difficult to read) has Melissa Dempsey living in Aid Township, Lawrence County, and her age is given as 25 (b. 1835).  Living with her is her husband Andrew, her brother Henry Eaches, Washington Dempsey, Jackson Dempsey, Jacob Dempsey, Margaret Dempsey, and James Dempsey (all Dempseys from Andrew's second marriage), there is also an infant male maybe 1/12 or 4/12ths of a year old.

1870 census lists her as 35 still living in the same location. 

1880 census they had moved to Stark, Vernon, Wisconsin where she's listed as being 46 (b. 1834).  I lose track of the family after that.

Not all the children listed under Andrew and Malissa are her's.  In fact, they only had five.  The first being an unnamed newborn infant on the 1860 census who apparently died by the 1870 census.   There are also two daughters listed on some websites an Eliza and an Annie.  An interesting note is that on the 1870 and the 1880 census only one is given.  1870 has Eliza A and 1880 has Annie.  A biography in History of Lawrence County, Ohio, 1990 states that the children were as follows: Joseph (1865-1946), Hugh (1866-1918), Eliza (1867-1958) and Minnie (1872-1939).  That biography was of "Andrew J. Dempsey" son of Andrew S. and  Sarah.

Now it is interesting to note that many Dempsey researchers have said that Andrew and Melissa were married in Lawrence County on Dec. 28, 1859, yet there is no record of that marriage taking place in Lawrence County.  Andrew Dempsey did show up in Marriage Book 6 Page 106 (a book that covers December 1856 - December 1861, only he's shown to have married Sarah A. Kemp Feb. 10, 1857.

A special thank you to Marta Ramey in the Hamner [Genealogy] Room at the Briggs Library in Ironton for looking up that record for me.  What she found is that an Andrew Dempsey married in Lawrence County to the following ladies: Susan Piles, Jan. 7, 1849; Anna M. Wiseman Sept. 2, 1855; and to Sarah A. Kemp Feb. 10, 1857.  I did check the Gallia County Marriages as well, since the Eaches family is originally from Gallia County, but found nothing.  What we do know is that sometime by the 1860 census he married Malissa.  Are these all the same Andrew Dempsey? 

Melissa and Andrew's children were:

1.  Unknown Dempsey (1860 census age 1/12 yrs. died sometime before 1870 census)
2.  Joseph Eachus Dempsey (1865-1946)
3.  Hugh Livingston Dempsey (1866-1918)
4.  Elizabeth A. Dempsey (1867-1958)
5.  Minnie Jame Dempsey (1872-1939)

Children with second wife Nancy Sullivan.

8. Henry Eaches

9. Thomas Eaches

Footnotes (more to come):
if I don't have something footnoted yet and you want to know what my source is please contact me and I'll be happy to send it.

1. Chester County, PA.  Will of Mary Thomas.  "Mary wife of my brother Benjamin Eachus."
2. "Benjs Eaches" 1810 US Federal Census Pennsylvania, Chester, Honey Brook, image 2 of 4.
3. Cheryl Schwartz sent me photographs of the Steele Family Bible, as well as clippings that were found within it's pages.  Steele Family Bible, Ida F. Mellott Fulton Co. March 4, 1861-June 2, 1912.

Rufus was the son of Benjamin Eachus and his wife Mary unknown. 1  Benjamin appears on the 1810 census Honey Brook, Chester County, Pennsylvania. 2  In this census record Benjamin has the following slash marks 1 male child 16-25, 1 male aged 45+ (probably himself), and the following females: 1 female less than 10, 1 female 10-15, 1 female16-25, and one aged 26-44 (wife of Benjamin?). 
Heirs of Rufus
Nancy (widow)
Mariah Smith
John Smith
unnamed infant
The said:
Nancy (widow)
Ordered to Appear in Court
Nancy (widow)
I believe that the Rufus was just a mistake for Joseph, since he wasn't mentioned, and clearly was meant to be included.  Caroline?  I've never heard of Rufus having a daughter Caroline, though it is possible.  Caroline was his daughter-in-law's name, though she wouldn't marry into the family for another two years.

Unnamed infant.  It seems clear that there was an infant.  I doubt that the infant, would be required to appear in court if it was truly that young.  The paperwork would have to be written up before the October court in order to get on the schedule, and if there was an infant too young to be named, that would mean that Rufus died very close to the filing.  So once again, the date of June 28, 1846 seems to be very possible.
GOTCHA! After 40 years, Dec. 5, 2012!
Should be Eaches!